Woman showing pictures from the book to her child while lying on the floor.

Family Nests

PerhePesät (“Family Nests”) are professionally supervised meeting places for families and to whom function with families.

The activities are open to all families with children and free of charge.

There is currently a total of four nests - in Oulu (Keskusta and Toppila), Kuusamo and Ylivieska.

The activities of PerhePesä can also be activities organized by partners or volunteers for families with children.

  • The activity is professionally guided support for families in their everyday environment
  • Meeting place and peer support arena
  • Activities strengthen families' resources and ability to cope with everyday life and raising children (guidance and counseling in situations that burden families)
  • If necessary, they are directed to the services of the municipality or other organizations
  • The activities of PerhePesä are planned together with the families.

Contact information:

Sarliina Laitila
p. 045 8531552

PerhePesä Kuusamo

Liisa Hietala
Instructor of child and family activities
p. 040 8458078

PerhePesä Oulu

Sarliina Laitila
Instructor of child and family activities
p. 045 8531552

Jaana Myllylä
Club instructor
p. 040 5646520

PerhePesä Ylivieska

Reetta Anttila
Instructor of child and family activities
p. 044 7396718