Friend for immigrant mum

MLL can help you get a Finnish-speaking friend. Together with your friend, you can for example go for a coffee, cook, go to the park with your children or just talk and get to know each other while learning Finnish. It is all about sharing, joy and friendship.

With your Finnish-speaking friend

  • you get to learn about each other's cultures
  • you find nice new things to do together
  • you can speak and learn Finnish
  • you can visit new places and meet new people
  • you can solve problems or things that are new to you together
  • you can take your children with you
  • you can take part in our shared activities, get-togethers and trips

    We will try to find you a friend who lives as near as possible, so it is easy for you to meet each other. Please tell us your wishes, if you would like, for example, a friend with kids of the same age as yours.

Contact information:

Oulun eteläinen, Rannikkoseutu
Jenni Kallio
p. 045 6922229

Lakeus, Oulu, Oulunkaari
Anna-Maria (Annukka) Raukovaara
p. 040 5200516

Liisa Hietala
Instructor of child and family activities
p. 040 8458078